It finally works 🙂 USB HID device to IBM PS/2 and Serial adapter. Now i can use my modern USB devices with my oldschool retro DOS computer. There are some Pins and D/A ports leftover, perhaps I’ll add a Playstation 4 to Gameport mode too. So one USB keyboard, two mice (one via PS/2, one Serial) and a PS4 controller all in one Raspberry Pi Pico 🙂. Wanna play settlers 2 splitscreen with two mice?


So this is the minimum version with PS/2 and Serial Mouse support. Could not fit more than that onto the small form factor, but I have a fully featured Version in the making.

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Yay it works when built too 🙂 currently connected to a logitech mx master mouse (half of the buttons do not work but hey it’s dos after all)

Seems i have a bug in the firmware though. If the host detects an error while transmitting a mouse packet it will pull the clock line low to signal a resend request. It seems the firmware has a bug there and does not resend the packet from the beginning. So the host gets confused what value is what and the mouse coordinates are interpreted as mouse keys and vice versa… As there is no official way to reset a PS/2 device it needs a reboot then -.-

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