To all people who volunteer in some sort of club (, , marksmen club, ambulances, etc.) can you see a change in in general that started with coronavirus and did not recover from that? Our makerspace had about 30 people active of 90 before corona and now it shrank to about 10-15 active people and does not seem to recover. We get more new members than old ones returning. Can you see that for your clubs too?

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To make it more clear: I do not expect participation numbers to get to pre-pandemic levels while the pandemic is ongoing. We are all cautious and that is a good thing! What I wanted to poll here is if your club is still loosing active members that were active while the thing was causing chaos everywhere or if it stabilized somehow. Does the club recover somehow or are people just tired and leaving?

@dunkelstern why would the situation recover to pre-pademic times now, during the ongoing pandemic?

@tercean i know that it's not over but at least we do not have any lockdowns currently. We have mask mandates, big management gatherings do not happen, etc. but it seems clubs are dying. I do not expect people to storm the clubhouses but there is barely any participation currently. Even online participation is falling. Last virtual planning meeting was 4 people, down from over 20 at the beginning of corona.

@tercean It seems participation is falling ever more. At the beginning of the pandemic people were helping while trying their best to keep safe, nowadays it seems nobody is even trying anymore. That was the intention of the poll. Of course it will not recover to pre-pandemic participation while everyone is cautious still while the pandemic is ongoing but it seems we're bleeding members faster and faster. As said, we're gaining more new members than old ones returning.

The makerspace here moved locations after over a dacade

@dunkelstern I didn't answer the poll because the pandemic isn't over. I really want to challenge the assumption that things should or can just magically go back to the way they were or pandemic.

@enby see my follow up post. I don’t imply that everything should be as if we’re not in a pandemic right now as we absolutely are. Thing is that at the start of the pandemic where everyone locked down the people tried to participate staying safe (online meetings, outdoors stuff, masking up, defining shift plans so noone was in danger, organizing groups that stay together to meet fewer people) but it seems to me that this is not happening anymore and i wanted to know if it is this way everywhere

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