Orr now I know why all media was "unavailable" on my instance. Firewall broke IPv4, IPv6 worked fine so I did not see it.

Can we please all support in 2022?

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@dunkelstern Nah. ISPs will probably stall for the next 10 years as well :blobcatderpy:

@tennoseremel yeah -.- lets roll out more carrier grade nats because you can’t get a v4 IP address anymore and 50% off all devices (!) and half the web does not speak v6. On the other hand we have 6to4 gateways, why is no carrier using that? Ah yes because things like the Playstation or the Switch STILL CANNOT DO V6!!!

@dunkelstern I had to use a IPv6 tunnel, but I achieved it.
ISP is still stalling.

@Suiseiseki the problem is all the devices that still do v4 only. Even if you get a v6 address everywhere, half of all devices can not use it. So you need v4 on the net to be reachable. And because you’re reachable via v4 nobody seems to care to fix their v6

@dunkelstern >all the devices that still do v4 only
Very few devices really don't support IPv6 anymore - any modern OS or piece of hardware supports it.
What really happens is that most configurations have it disabled out of the box due to incompetence, even though it would just work if you turned it on.
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